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  1. Before you submit your bug report make sure it's not already reported by someone earlier. You can do this by visiting our community forums to scan for the bug your reporting, if you find a mention on the forum it would of most likely been picked up by one of our forum moderators and sent to the engineering department. Why should I check the community forum? The most frequently encountered technical problems reported by our customers are usually discussed here, along with solutions or workarounds. The answer you may be looking for may have already been listed there. If you still think that you've found a software problem of which we're unaware, please complete the following online bug report form. Every bug report will be read by a person, however we cannot assure that everyone will personally receive a reply to their report.

  2. Under Bug Description, describe the problem in a clear, step-by-step manner. We want to recreate your problem and require the exact sequence of tasks that led to it. Include the exact error message if one appeared. If you are using any RAM-resident programs, including network or RAM disk software, please note the program name, version, and how it is configured.

  3. When you have completed all the fields, press the Submit bug report button at the bottom of this form.

    Thank you for your help!
Fields with * must be completed to process your request.

Bug Report Submission
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Company Name
Product Name
Release Number
Operating System
Memory (Total RAM)
Hard Disk Space
Graphics Card

Bug Description Use the space below to describe the problem. Please be specific in the sequence of steps that led up to the problem and describe the exact results.


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