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Since the release of the 1st Page HTML editor we have had an enormous response from web developers worldwide. Thousands, and we really mean thousands and thousands of people have sent us welcoming compliments! We would like to thank all our users for their continued support.

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Hi Evrsoft,

I just had to write the developers of the most beautiful web designing program available. Not only is it the best program, but it is free. I've used HomeSite, HotMetal, HotDog, and Dreamweaver, just to name a few. I fell in love with HomeSite because of the control it gives me by letting me use HTML hand coding. 1st Page is the only program that has come close to, and in fact beat HomeSite hands down. It is just amazing. The features, the free scripts, the ease of use, it's just perfect. I have a feeling web designing for me has just gotten a whole lot easier.

Chris Kaczkowski


*drool* 1st page is like NOTHING I have even seen. Once people find out about it, you are going to totally take over the market, FORGET Sausage Software's Hotdog and Allaire's Homesite! great great software. Thank you!



What a superb program 1st page is, it has enabled me to make the leap from WYSIWYG web page designing to working with the actual code, it is straightforward & logical, & while it is not easy, it is teaching me as I go along with its quickly accessible preview & real time preview, its just great to use.

Steve Redshaw


Allow me first to express my astonishment at the quality of your product. I'm a Homesite die-hard and within 5 minutes of opening 1st page I was converted, congratulations on a really great product.

Adrian Frielinghaus


I want to say a big THANK YOU! this program is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HTML PROGRAM I've ever tried! is fast, complete, easy, it has all feature a user would like to have! I think you're CRAZY :-)) giving it free! (but I hope you'll be crazy for a long time :-)



I just wanted to send you a very BIG thank you for 1st Page. Over the last year I was really busy to learn HTML and all those languages which surround it. I thought the best way was to only code with a HTML text editor. So I tried all those free or commercial tools you know or might not know ( Arachnophilia, xSite, EasyHTML, HTML Kit on the one side, Coffee Cup, Hot Dog Pro, Homesite on the other side). They all are highly recommended and top rated by different types of computer media. Never heard or read about 1st Page (why?, I'm reading about PC and I'm surfing the whole day long). But yesterday I found your great program and I'm feeling really overwhelmed: it outruns it's concurrents on all fields. Nothing more I have to say than that I've lost much of my productivity time tangling around with all those other tools. And (no, not the best of all) another big point: it's freeware (again: why?). The last single freeware application which hit me that much was The Gimp on Linux. Besides: I learned about 1st Page on my preferred German webworker portal where it is highly recommended. Thanks!

Thomas (from Cologne, Germany)


Thanks for the super great FREE software. I don't understand how you can possibly do this great work, FOR FREE??!!

Dick Rominger


I have installed your HTML Editor, and I have to tell you it is a excellent piece of software.

Ruediger H. Gros


Thanks for a great program. I was planning to buy Microsoft FrontPage, but now I don't have to anymore.

Thomas Bjørnseth


Thanks for a fine piece of freeware! Those of us who realize how much work it takes to write and debug code applaud you!

Gerald Wann of (Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA)


I got your 1st Page the other day and it seems to be almost great! Would say its great, but you all might get big heads :)



When I first down loaded 1st Page from an FTP site I thought it was a pirated copy, you guys did a fantastic job. I’ve used Microsoft Front Page and a host of other web design tools, yours is the best so far and, free! How do you do that? Thanks!!!

Eugene Westbrook


Hello from Pretoria, South Africa. 1st Page is neat! I am speaking from 20 minutes experience with your product and years of HTML/Web design using HomeSite, Dreamweaver, Programmer's File Editor, Microsoft FrontPage, etc. I have already sent the URL to a host of people.

Ian Samson (Senior Professional: Electronic Publishing)


Hi there, First of all i have to say that you have a marvelous program there. I found it after the advice of one of mine friends. It's quite handy for all degrees. Thanks for your attention.

Murat Eris

There are 3 pages of testimonials.
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