™ - The world's web hosting solution is the company that hosted this site. I had no problems with them and have found their technical support fantastic. They put up to 70 sites on each server (compared to 750 to 1200 for some other companies), and often less. Each server has Dual Pentium III, 1.4GHz processors with 2 GB of RAM and can easily handle 3 to 4 million hits per day. Their servers are fast and outages have been minimal (most caused by buggy PERL scripts being run by one of the other sites being hosted on the same server as mine). Highly Recommended.





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   1st Page 2000 Modules/Plugins




1st Transfer is an FTP program for 1st Page.

Installation: Put the executable file within the root directory of your 1st page directory. E.g. c:\program files\evrsoft\1stpage 2000\

Download 1st Transfer Now (updated)
618 kb




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